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Welcome to Shades of Evil. A brief history. Several kingdoms in the realms of Rani created huge portals into a new land. In the space of ten years they sent tons of equipment and several million people through those portal in an effort to settle and claim these new lands. War broke out on both sides of the portal. Those kingdoms without portals or whose portals opened into the ocean attacked those with portals while in the new land a race called the Thuul soon began attacking the invaders to their land. Then it happened,in the course of a week, one by one the portals closed, stranding the people in this new land. Here is where the adventure begins.

About religion In Rani, as well as Sh’rani, the realms you are in, most people identify not with a specific patron deity but with the church to which they belong. The faithful of the Divine Court, for example, usually revere the deities together in a single temple, though shrines devoted to the individual deities appear in major towns and cities across the land. The faithful may give particular reverence to one deity, usually the one whose sphere of influence coincides most closely with their profession or situation in life, but they collectively view themselves as loyal followers of the Divine Court. A paladin of Nifel and a rogue who prays to Audan are members of the same religion. They may differ in many respects, certainly in alignment and ethics, but they do not see religion as one of the lines dividing them.

The Divine Court(which consists of the Seven, the Thirty and the Nine) The Seven, the Elder Gods The Thirty, born from the Elder Gods The Nine, brought into the Court by the Seven and Thirty

The Dark Council(Which consists of six Gods exiled from the Court)

The Native Gods(those Gods of Sh’Rani and its native races)

Home Page

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