The Thuul attack

Three new adventureres joined Stephen. The first was Kasey, a human barbarian woman who enjoyed battle. The second was Varial, a human dragon disciple with bronze dragon is his bloodline. The last was Luna, a human cleric who was a bit flighty, but she was an excellent addition to the party.

A small village was asking for help with people going missing. Upon getting to Theryn’s Vale, the group learned that all three had disappeared to the west of the town. On the first day of checking out the disappearances, they stumbled upon a trap. First Varial was knocked out from a bola, then the group was attacked by a small group of kobolds. Not much of a threat til one of the kobold came in riding a T-rex. The party was badly hurt, especially Kasey who went toe to toe with the beast, but they managed to defeat it.

Note: Stephen heads back to BlackStone. alive. The Thuul was not very cooperative, but did offer some explaination for the missing villagers, they were killed and used for food. This was before he laughed, saying “Many Fists will come. Many legions to wipe the land of the intruding scum that had invaded their lands.”

The group returned to Theryn's Vale, giving the information they learned, both of the missing and the threat of the Thuul. The people of the Vale took little time in packing up what they could, heading east towards BlackStone. The adventurers joined them, traveling with the main caravan as it left the village.
When the group got to BlackStone the entire city was bustling with activity. The first people to arrive from the Vale had quickly spread the word of the Thuul. Balisti had been put atop the walls, men and magic were at work to dig trenches around the walls, nearly everyone was either helping with the defenses or preparing their families for the possibility of attack.
Two days later outriding scouts came to report of an army approaching and soon after the sound of war-drums fell on the city. The Thuul army lined the hills before the city, their warchiefs mounted on Arii, huge battle beasts the size of elephants, with thick hides and a destructive hammerlike snout, their warriors joined with dozens of Taerpei and many more Night Hounds, their attack dogs.
BlackStone's own army waited and watched, many atop the walls as the gates were closed. Then the horns sounded from the Thrull. Moments later razorbeaks, dinosaurlike birds, flew towards the city, holding wooden casks in their claws. The archers and mages took down as many razorbeaks as they could, fear running through the army as they saw the casks explode when they hit the ground.
Those that did get through dropped hundreds of casks, rocking the city with explosions as buildings and walls were hit with the wooden casks. Inside the city, people hurried to help the injured, put out fires and tend to the dead, only to feel the next assault on the city. A massive earthquake shook the landscape, causing more damage to both the buildings and townfolk, as well as causing large holes in the wall as parts of it fell.
Now the Thuul hoard charged the city.
Inside the city, Luna was busy in her church, tending the wounded. Varial and Kasey, who had taken positions on the wall, were hit with the earthquake's damage, the wall falling under them. Varial dove off, landing bruised, but safely inside. Kasey braced for the fall, riding a large chuck of the wall as it fell, then firing an arrow at a charging Thuul through the hole in the wall, killing it as other Thuul quickly swarmed into the town.
The Thuul swarmed into the city, met by the town guard, adventurers and commoners alike as they fought to keep their city and their lives.
Varial and Kasey battled the Thuul around them, slaying them one after another, battling back to back once they fought their way to each other.
Luna came out to the streets, the battle right down the street. She called upon her god's magic, blasting the Thuul as they fought the cityfolk, killing four in a gory blast as a fifth stumbled from the blast and then killed quickly. Luna then took off, flying towards the walls, and finding her comrades.
Varial and Kasey soon had a new threat, barely diving into nearby buildings as a clanchief charged down the street on his Arii, trambling both Thuul and BlackStone folk alike.
Once the Arii had passed, the battle once more swarmed onto the street. Luna arrived as the Varial and Kasey battled more Thuul, healing them as best she could.
A short time later, the battle horns of the Thuul sounded again. No more razorbeaks, but this time it seemed to call a retreat as the Thuul in the city began a fighting retreat from the city.
The group continued to slay Thuul as they headed for the walls, then felt the rumbling as the Arii charged towards them. Luna took a spear in the leg as the warchief threw them at any in his way. She then flew up to avoid more. Kasay and Varial took time to climb the wall, jumping onto the beast as it charged through the hole in the wall.
The two heroes, balancing on the charging beast, attacked the warchief. Kasey used her magical anklets to get behind him, allowing Varial a clear path from the front as he fought to keep balance on the Arii's hammernose.
Halfway to the Thuul army, the warchief fell from his mount and the two heroes clamored off the beast, racing back to the city, taking just enough time to hack the head from the dead chief.
Back in town, the city was trying to patch together their defenses and tend the wounded. Kasey mounted the head of the chief on a pole on the wall.
Stories of the battle are told, and some wonder what of the other Thuul clans. If this battle only had six clans, since only six chiefs were involved, what of the other eight clans. What of IronHold? Were the other clans attacking it?



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