Chasing down Dedyl

Retreating back into the city of GoldDeep, Nissa used her crystal ball to try to locate Dedyl, but to little avail. She then went to the Consortium, the local mage guild and learned Dedyl had retreated to his home in Necrul, the city of the Dead. She then made a deal with a mage to teleport her group as near as possible to Necrul and then bring them back a fortnight later. The mage they hired opened a portal to a spot about a day’s travel from Necrul, unfortunately, the portal opened right near a wandering band of Gloom, including a Glowing One. The party took a beating, but eventually defeated the Gloom. As the party rested and healed, they argued so much a band of Derro approached without notice. The derro scout talked with Taryn, telling her the direction of Necrul, but then left as the quarreling party just seemed too crazy to sit and talk with. Finding the city of the dead, the group saw just what a city in chaos was like, battles to the death in the streets, little law, the rule of the city was survival of the fittest. It took about half a minute in a tavern for the gnome to start a fight, taking it outside only when the barkeep insisted. Outside he learned further that casting light spells was a quick way to meet what passed for the city guard, as light tended to attract the Gloom, especially glowing ones. When the party settled in, Nissa located the jade spectre and scouted the way, only to learn it was somewhere behind a walled in part of the city that hosted the Necromancer Guild. They then found one building that was build against the wall and tried to get the owner to allow them inside so they could stoneshape a way into the guild. The lady of the house invited Nissa inside, but just her. When the group tried to force their way in, they soon learned the nature of the homeowner as she led them into the basement where she and her undead friends waited. The back wall of the basement was an illusion that led into a tomb filled room. The party killed off several vampire spawn before forcing the mage/homeowner to run. It was then that the party switched tactics. With Nissa spelling up the group first, Taryn dimension doored herself, with the gnome and Stephen to the jade spectre. When Taryn reached for the sceptre she felt it draining her and instead Segbar took the sceptre as they looked around the room. They barely got their baring, what with the entire room aglow with three magical auras, when Dedyl opened the room’s door and once again they battled. A silence spell and a hidden rogue dealing major damage to Stephen was about all that occured before Dedyl and his rogue fled and called the guild guard. As the gnome and rogue of the party looted the room, Taryn threw a couple fireballs into Dedyl’s bedchamber. The scene ends as the party grabs what they can as the sound of armored guards closes in and Taryn dimension doors the party out of the room.



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