Taryn soldiers on

Taryn, now alone, refused to let this end her quest for the jade pieces. She located the local adventurers guild once more, taking on three new adventurers in agreement for sharing any treasure gained. Her new partners were a human mage/cleric, a shadowelf cleric with a shadowy way about her, and a shadowelf rogue/sorc. They returned the book to the Third and he gave them an idea where to look for the other pieces, with a necromancer named Dedyl in the city they had been originally heading towards. Continuing in the Darklands they encountered an undead owl, who was less then friendly, but mainly just annoying. Then found they had to go down several hundred feet in a small tunnel, where they found yet another large cavern, filled with a jungle and plantlike humanoids.

In short order they found the city and had a lead on the necromancer, who lived in the cemetary out the west gate.

At first they tried to just ask for the items. The met Dedyl’s stepdaughter at the door and she had no liking for either her stepfather or her mother, but told the party they were wasting their time.

Upstairs Taryn knocked on Dedyl’s door, only to be greeted by an angry wife. The shadowy cleric of the group managed to get the daughter to leave the home unlocked the next day, while Taryn met with Dedyl and the group was largely threatened to leave the manor.

The next day the party set up a trap for Dedyl’s wife, ambushing her at the west gate on her usual trip to the city. It took some fighting and many spells, but they killed her, finding the jade ring on her finger once they checked the body.

That evening they went to the manor, the door left unlocked as expected. Dedyl fully knew something was up as his wife didnt return, immediately casting spells as the party tossed his dead wife into the dining room.

Using silence to keep the necromancer off guard, they chased him from the manor, only to run into the daughter again, this time she told them to leave. With her mother dead, the manor was now hers. The party left rather then fight her and several friends she had with her. Meanwhile, Dedyl disappeared.

The party decided to fireball the manor from the distance, bringing some attacks from the rogues within, and when they camped in a mausoleum, someone summoned three fire elementals into their camp.

Now the party plans to continue the chase for the jade sceptre.



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