Bad Decisions aka sometimes the good guys strike back

The party learns of a local ruler paying for adventurers to help him retreat an item. On the trip to the ruler’s land they meet another group travelling and soon learn they too are heading to help the ruler get his item back. After a fireball and iceball, the other group and thier horses all lie dead. Arthas raises the dead as his small undead army. They then buy a ship, hoping to use the undead with them as crew, but soon are confronted by members of a church that do not like their clergy turned into a zombie.

After hiring crew, the group set out after the cousin.
After a run in with a ghost ship, which the group quickly handled, sinking the phantom ship.
Two days later the group came upon two ships. One was nearly sunk, the other holding it afloat. They asked the captain of the ship and learned they were waiting for friends. They had defeated one ship of three that were led by the cousin the group was chasing.
Stephen and Nissa recognized the man as one of those from the keep. Taryn then suggested the two groups team up to chase down the cousin's two remaining ships. They agreed.
While they waited, Nissa sent her shadow companion to spy on the other ship. After checking out much of the ship, he was spotted, sending the crew of the other ship into the defensive as they armed themselves and cut free the wreck they held afloat. They then told the group to sail on, they no longer trusted them.
The group sailed on a bit, only to send a fireball and iceball at the other ship, concentrating on the man they saw flying above the other ship now.
The attacker did not give up, again appearing near her at the rear of the ship, quickly hunting her down and killing her with his claws.
Nissa, who had just gotten out of the cabin, saw the man over Taryn and used one of her magical snowflakes from her necklace of snowflakes, even knowing she would be in the area of effect as well.  Well, she didnt manage to dodge the blast at all, and her necklace was hit as well, causing all the snowflakes to go off, tearing the ship in half in an immense explosion of blood and wood splinters. (294 die damage of about a dozen iceballs)
  Arthas saw this and managed to grab Stephen, just able to Word of recall back to their home in town before the entire ship went under.
The next day, Arthas decides to try out the huge magical cauldron he has, buying 5000 gp worth of herbs and rare spices. Problem was, the 15 foot tall undead he summoned caused a bit of damage to the house, and more so as he directed it to wreck the docks, and then the church that had cost him his undead minions earlier.
Following the creature, he watched as it laid waste to buildings before high level mages and clerics arrived to put the beast down.
When arrested hours later, he went to court and offered no remorse. Stripped of his gear, he was sent to prison to work off his crimes.
So now Stephen goes to the guild, asking for new help.



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