The Thuul attack

Three new adventureres joined Stephen. The first was Kasey, a human barbarian woman who enjoyed battle. The second was Varial, a human dragon disciple with bronze dragon is his bloodline. The last was Luna, a human cleric who was a bit flighty, but she was an excellent addition to the party.

A small village was asking for help with people going missing. Upon getting to Theryn’s Vale, the group learned that all three had disappeared to the west of the town. On the first day of checking out the disappearances, they stumbled upon a trap. First Varial was knocked out from a bola, then the group was attacked by a small group of kobolds. Not much of a threat til one of the kobold came in riding a T-rex. The party was badly hurt, especially Kasey who went toe to toe with the beast, but they managed to defeat it.

Note: Stephen heads back to BlackStone. alive. The Thuul was not very cooperative, but did offer some explaination for the missing villagers, they were killed and used for food. This was before he laughed, saying “Many Fists will come. Many legions to wipe the land of the intruding scum that had invaded their lands.”

The group returned to Theryn's Vale, giving the information they learned, both of the missing and the threat of the Thuul. The people of the Vale took little time in packing up what they could, heading east towards BlackStone. The adventurers joined them, traveling with the main caravan as it left the village.
When the group got to BlackStone the entire city was bustling with activity. The first people to arrive from the Vale had quickly spread the word of the Thuul. Balisti had been put atop the walls, men and magic were at work to dig trenches around the walls, nearly everyone was either helping with the defenses or preparing their families for the possibility of attack.
Two days later outriding scouts came to report of an army approaching and soon after the sound of war-drums fell on the city. The Thuul army lined the hills before the city, their warchiefs mounted on Arii, huge battle beasts the size of elephants, with thick hides and a destructive hammerlike snout, their warriors joined with dozens of Taerpei and many more Night Hounds, their attack dogs.
BlackStone's own army waited and watched, many atop the walls as the gates were closed. Then the horns sounded from the Thrull. Moments later razorbeaks, dinosaurlike birds, flew towards the city, holding wooden casks in their claws. The archers and mages took down as many razorbeaks as they could, fear running through the army as they saw the casks explode when they hit the ground.
Those that did get through dropped hundreds of casks, rocking the city with explosions as buildings and walls were hit with the wooden casks. Inside the city, people hurried to help the injured, put out fires and tend to the dead, only to feel the next assault on the city. A massive earthquake shook the landscape, causing more damage to both the buildings and townfolk, as well as causing large holes in the wall as parts of it fell.
Now the Thuul hoard charged the city.
Inside the city, Luna was busy in her church, tending the wounded. Varial and Kasey, who had taken positions on the wall, were hit with the earthquake's damage, the wall falling under them. Varial dove off, landing bruised, but safely inside. Kasey braced for the fall, riding a large chuck of the wall as it fell, then firing an arrow at a charging Thuul through the hole in the wall, killing it as other Thuul quickly swarmed into the town.
The Thuul swarmed into the city, met by the town guard, adventurers and commoners alike as they fought to keep their city and their lives.
Varial and Kasey battled the Thuul around them, slaying them one after another, battling back to back once they fought their way to each other.
Luna came out to the streets, the battle right down the street. She called upon her god's magic, blasting the Thuul as they fought the cityfolk, killing four in a gory blast as a fifth stumbled from the blast and then killed quickly. Luna then took off, flying towards the walls, and finding her comrades.
Varial and Kasey soon had a new threat, barely diving into nearby buildings as a clanchief charged down the street on his Arii, trambling both Thuul and BlackStone folk alike.
Once the Arii had passed, the battle once more swarmed onto the street. Luna arrived as the Varial and Kasey battled more Thuul, healing them as best she could.
A short time later, the battle horns of the Thuul sounded again. No more razorbeaks, but this time it seemed to call a retreat as the Thuul in the city began a fighting retreat from the city.
The group continued to slay Thuul as they headed for the walls, then felt the rumbling as the Arii charged towards them. Luna took a spear in the leg as the warchief threw them at any in his way. She then flew up to avoid more. Kasay and Varial took time to climb the wall, jumping onto the beast as it charged through the hole in the wall.
The two heroes, balancing on the charging beast, attacked the warchief. Kasey used her magical anklets to get behind him, allowing Varial a clear path from the front as he fought to keep balance on the Arii's hammernose.
Halfway to the Thuul army, the warchief fell from his mount and the two heroes clamored off the beast, racing back to the city, taking just enough time to hack the head from the dead chief.
Back in town, the city was trying to patch together their defenses and tend the wounded. Kasey mounted the head of the chief on a pole on the wall.
Stories of the battle are told, and some wonder what of the other Thuul clans. If this battle only had six clans, since only six chiefs were involved, what of the other eight clans. What of IronHold? Were the other clans attacking it?
Bad Decisions aka sometimes the good guys strike back

The party learns of a local ruler paying for adventurers to help him retreat an item. On the trip to the ruler’s land they meet another group travelling and soon learn they too are heading to help the ruler get his item back. After a fireball and iceball, the other group and thier horses all lie dead. Arthas raises the dead as his small undead army. They then buy a ship, hoping to use the undead with them as crew, but soon are confronted by members of a church that do not like their clergy turned into a zombie.

After hiring crew, the group set out after the cousin.
After a run in with a ghost ship, which the group quickly handled, sinking the phantom ship.
Two days later the group came upon two ships. One was nearly sunk, the other holding it afloat. They asked the captain of the ship and learned they were waiting for friends. They had defeated one ship of three that were led by the cousin the group was chasing.
Stephen and Nissa recognized the man as one of those from the keep. Taryn then suggested the two groups team up to chase down the cousin's two remaining ships. They agreed.
While they waited, Nissa sent her shadow companion to spy on the other ship. After checking out much of the ship, he was spotted, sending the crew of the other ship into the defensive as they armed themselves and cut free the wreck they held afloat. They then told the group to sail on, they no longer trusted them.
The group sailed on a bit, only to send a fireball and iceball at the other ship, concentrating on the man they saw flying above the other ship now.
The attacker did not give up, again appearing near her at the rear of the ship, quickly hunting her down and killing her with his claws.
Nissa, who had just gotten out of the cabin, saw the man over Taryn and used one of her magical snowflakes from her necklace of snowflakes, even knowing she would be in the area of effect as well.  Well, she didnt manage to dodge the blast at all, and her necklace was hit as well, causing all the snowflakes to go off, tearing the ship in half in an immense explosion of blood and wood splinters. (294 die damage of about a dozen iceballs)
  Arthas saw this and managed to grab Stephen, just able to Word of recall back to their home in town before the entire ship went under.
The next day, Arthas decides to try out the huge magical cauldron he has, buying 5000 gp worth of herbs and rare spices. Problem was, the 15 foot tall undead he summoned caused a bit of damage to the house, and more so as he directed it to wreck the docks, and then the church that had cost him his undead minions earlier.
Following the creature, he watched as it laid waste to buildings before high level mages and clerics arrived to put the beast down.
When arrested hours later, he went to court and offered no remorse. Stripped of his gear, he was sent to prison to work off his crimes.
So now Stephen goes to the guild, asking for new help.
Chasing down Dedyl

Retreating back into the city of GoldDeep, Nissa used her crystal ball to try to locate Dedyl, but to little avail. She then went to the Consortium, the local mage guild and learned Dedyl had retreated to his home in Necrul, the city of the Dead. She then made a deal with a mage to teleport her group as near as possible to Necrul and then bring them back a fortnight later. The mage they hired opened a portal to a spot about a day’s travel from Necrul, unfortunately, the portal opened right near a wandering band of Gloom, including a Glowing One. The party took a beating, but eventually defeated the Gloom. As the party rested and healed, they argued so much a band of Derro approached without notice. The derro scout talked with Taryn, telling her the direction of Necrul, but then left as the quarreling party just seemed too crazy to sit and talk with. Finding the city of the dead, the group saw just what a city in chaos was like, battles to the death in the streets, little law, the rule of the city was survival of the fittest. It took about half a minute in a tavern for the gnome to start a fight, taking it outside only when the barkeep insisted. Outside he learned further that casting light spells was a quick way to meet what passed for the city guard, as light tended to attract the Gloom, especially glowing ones. When the party settled in, Nissa located the jade spectre and scouted the way, only to learn it was somewhere behind a walled in part of the city that hosted the Necromancer Guild. They then found one building that was build against the wall and tried to get the owner to allow them inside so they could stoneshape a way into the guild. The lady of the house invited Nissa inside, but just her. When the group tried to force their way in, they soon learned the nature of the homeowner as she led them into the basement where she and her undead friends waited. The back wall of the basement was an illusion that led into a tomb filled room. The party killed off several vampire spawn before forcing the mage/homeowner to run. It was then that the party switched tactics. With Nissa spelling up the group first, Taryn dimension doored herself, with the gnome and Stephen to the jade spectre. When Taryn reached for the sceptre she felt it draining her and instead Segbar took the sceptre as they looked around the room. They barely got their baring, what with the entire room aglow with three magical auras, when Dedyl opened the room’s door and once again they battled. A silence spell and a hidden rogue dealing major damage to Stephen was about all that occured before Dedyl and his rogue fled and called the guild guard. As the gnome and rogue of the party looted the room, Taryn threw a couple fireballs into Dedyl’s bedchamber. The scene ends as the party grabs what they can as the sound of armored guards closes in and Taryn dimension doors the party out of the room.

Taryn soldiers on

Taryn, now alone, refused to let this end her quest for the jade pieces. She located the local adventurers guild once more, taking on three new adventurers in agreement for sharing any treasure gained. Her new partners were a human mage/cleric, a shadowelf cleric with a shadowy way about her, and a shadowelf rogue/sorc. They returned the book to the Third and he gave them an idea where to look for the other pieces, with a necromancer named Dedyl in the city they had been originally heading towards. Continuing in the Darklands they encountered an undead owl, who was less then friendly, but mainly just annoying. Then found they had to go down several hundred feet in a small tunnel, where they found yet another large cavern, filled with a jungle and plantlike humanoids.

In short order they found the city and had a lead on the necromancer, who lived in the cemetary out the west gate.

At first they tried to just ask for the items. The met Dedyl’s stepdaughter at the door and she had no liking for either her stepfather or her mother, but told the party they were wasting their time.

Upstairs Taryn knocked on Dedyl’s door, only to be greeted by an angry wife. The shadowy cleric of the group managed to get the daughter to leave the home unlocked the next day, while Taryn met with Dedyl and the group was largely threatened to leave the manor.

The next day the party set up a trap for Dedyl’s wife, ambushing her at the west gate on her usual trip to the city. It took some fighting and many spells, but they killed her, finding the jade ring on her finger once they checked the body.

That evening they went to the manor, the door left unlocked as expected. Dedyl fully knew something was up as his wife didnt return, immediately casting spells as the party tossed his dead wife into the dining room.

Using silence to keep the necromancer off guard, they chased him from the manor, only to run into the daughter again, this time she told them to leave. With her mother dead, the manor was now hers. The party left rather then fight her and several friends she had with her. Meanwhile, Dedyl disappeared.

The party decided to fireball the manor from the distance, bringing some attacks from the rogues within, and when they camped in a mausoleum, someone summoned three fire elementals into their camp.

Now the party plans to continue the chase for the jade sceptre.

Back to ShadowReach

As the party headed back towards ShadowReach they noticed a small fire with a lone figure in the distance. Before calmer heads could stop him, Gromm charged towards the lone figure. The figure wore strange black chainmail, formed to resemble an insect with spines along the arms and legs. As Gromm and the warrior traded blows, Tattel Tey tried to end the fight diplomatically, but soon realized the warrior was not alone as arrows were fired into the battle. The fight was short, but the group realized at least two of the enemy had escaped. The questioned the lone prisoner they managed to keep alive. He was human, Azahiir(oriental in look), and lied to his captors before asking for a Marik’s Contract. He told them his name was Bow, not really a lie, but also that the group had eight in it. Since the party didnt know what that was, he explained. It was a trade between prisoner and captor. In exchange for honestly answering eight questions as best he could, he would recieve his freedom and for at least one year avoid anything that would be against his captors. What they learned was they group that attacked them were from a group called the Mantis. That they were from ShadowReach and someone paid to have the group attacked. Once he finished answering the questions he was released, bowing and disappearing before their eyes. At this point the party started to quarrel amongst themselves, slapping and hitting each other as they argued. A laughter from nearby caught their attention and they realized a small figure was watching them, laughing at their antics. He introduced himself as Gimmishel, a gnome traveller heading for Glitterdome. They soon realized he was a bard as he began writing about the group. The gnome agreed to travel with the group as they were heading in the same direction. A short stop at a Gnomish town, Hiding Hole, before they continued to Glitterdome. Bidding the gnome farewell, they went to ShadowReach. Once inside the gate the group split up. Gromm took a set of the mantis armor to have to altered, Hodge went looking for information on the Mantis, and the spellcasters went after the book. A misunderstanding over the armor got the group in some trouble. Once they learned that the Mantis armor was illegal, and paid the fines, they were allowed to have the armor altered. While the rest of the group went to meet with Kalib, the man who was supposed to have information on Mantis, Gromm found his was into illegal pit fights under a tavern in the seedier part of town. Kalib, the tavern owner of the Silver Griffin, was a large and friendly man. Asking for 50 gold, he told them the Mantis picked up a “Warning Contract” paid for by Princess Kariya, and once they defeated that group of Mantis, they wouldnt come after them again. With this information in hand, they then went looking for Gromm and after winning some coin on the pit fights, they decided to partipate again the next day. Unfortunately for the group, the NO RULES part of the fights went to their heads, spelling up Tattel Tey before her fight, and then even more spells on Gromm before his. When Gromm came into the fight with six illusions of himself, the operators decided it only fair to have six opponents, sending in six carrior crawlers. Gromm was soon paralyzed and the group took things into their hands, using their magic on the beasts in the pit and angering the owner. After a savage battle, only Taryn managed to flee from the pit, the others falling in the area of the pit.

Captured and released by the K'Shar

After chasing the Redscale into a Darklands lake, the party realizes they forgot to loot the dead Redscales. As they head back towards the body they realize something is amiss. Creatures rush past them, ahead and overhead, and they wonder what might be coming that would cause the Darkland wildlife to rush from it. As they search the bodies of the dead Redscales, Hodge hears the sound of drums, and was that horns as well? On the bodies they find some coins as well as an enchanted longsword. Garrot, the group scout, while checking out the sword he found, looks up to notice three armored humanoid forms and a doglike beast have come into sight. He shoots at one, hitting it but not killing it. As he sees and hears other forms in the darkness, he runs, passing the rest of the group as he rushes into the darkness. As the rogue runs and hides in the Darklands, the rest of the group is quickly captured, formed to their knees and ordered to “Bow before the K’Shar!” As only Tattel Tey can understand their language, she realizes they believe Hodge is the group leader, traveling with his slaves. Their weapons are taken and they are taken away, the halfling Garrot still in hiding. The captors are but scouts for a large procession. Many wagons and cages, lit with hundreds of continual light spells. Passing through the camp, towards a massive wagon, they see merchant wagons with entertainers, many guards, and several slave wagons. It is now they see that most of the guards and people with them are shadow elves, the slaves being of several other races, including human. They are brought before Third and his sister, son and daughter of the K’Shar. Still unsure if the three are with the attacking halfling, they are taken to a “guest” wagon, to be escorted to Shadowreach, where Tattel Tey told them they were heading. She also managed to have Hodge’s weapon returned, as it was a family heirloom. While the others were in front of Third, Garrot shot arrows at the group, causing more chaos. Once the others were taken to their wagon, he was captured. Still defiant, saying he was actually hunting the others with 100 other halflings. He was then killed. The K’Shar remained for the day, his scouts looking, just in case there were more attackers nearby. Food and drink were provided for the three “guests”. One of the slaves even gave a Reading for Hodge. “I see a glowing river in a forest. Before you, a tower, with winged guardians, falls.” That night a slave broke into the wagon, offering to help them escape. The princess was eager to be rid of them so they could head back to Icing Deep, rather then escourt them to ShadowReach. The group instead asked for a meeting with the Third, who had the jade viel they needed for their quest. He met with them, offering them a trade. The veil, for a book, The Udrich Kal, which he believes to be in a bookshop in ShadowReach. They agreed, taking one of his slaves, a halforc warrior, who would help them get and return the book for his own freedom. The K’Shar’s procession was now able to head for Icing Deep while the party heads for ShadowReach with their new guide. On the way they came across a large cavern, with huge mushrooms, up to twelve feet tall. Coming across a clearing in the mushroom forest the passed a large rock formation and Hodge noticed the formation move, revealing a large eye that watched as he passed it. Upon telling the others, the mage, Taryn cast a spell at the formation, causing the deep earth dragon to stand to face its attackers. The party quickly ran as the dragon dispatched the hellhounds and eagles they summoned, as well as ignoring scorching rays from the mage. The party could hear it fly away as they ran.

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